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What is going wrong with the Koordinate sjabloon?? I posted this on Pietersburg talk page, but this is getting ridiculous because no one is answering me. The majority of city articles are a mess because the sjabloon repeats itself and the infoboks has been strechted. Please can someone respond to this disscusion. --Ben Bezuidenhout (kontak) 18:03, 12 Augustus 2009 (UTC)

See Bespreking:Potgietersrus. Basically I think the solutions are (a) switch to monobook or (b) refrain from using the template in articles (type it manually?). — Adriaan90 (Bespreking • Bydraes) 18:31, 12 Augustus 2009 (UTC)
Well I like Beta very much, but changing the Koordinate sjablone to *type it manually* is simply an enormous task that wouldn't solve the problem with those who use Beta.--Ben Bezuidenhout (kontak) 18:41, 12 Augustus 2009 (UTC)
Well, the problem here is Beta, so if there is a solution, an admin will happily implement it (if it requires editing some mediawiki page). Otherwise if the template can be edited in a way that doesn't break the other lay-outs, that is welcome as well. I don't know how much Beta will change still so my advice will be to ignore the fault until Beta becomes Wikipedia 2.0. and then we can change what is now technically "fixed". — Adriaan90 (Bespreking • Bydraes) 18:52, 12 Augustus 2009 (UTC)