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Not white[wysig bron]

Not white.

En verder nog? piet opperman 14:30, 18 Desember 2006 (UTC)

Nie Afrikaans? ;) --RM 22:31, 18 Desember 2006 (UTC)

Travels[wysig bron]

The Hain family left South Africa in about 1948. This was when the Apartheid system was introduced. The new system caused wild panic in coloured families, especially if they were trying to pass for white. They, the Hains, returned to South Africa from Kenya in the 1950-1952 period, when the Mau Mau rising was starting. Rumours about the new rising started in 1950 and 1951.


Details[wysig bron], under "Background", gives or implies the times mentioned. It is said or implied that Walter Vannet Hain was born in South Africa in the 1930's. If so, W. V. Hain must have been between 11 and 20 years of age when Peter Hain was born in Kenya in 1950.

Niet wit[wysig bron]

The dark aspect is a standing joke in Westminster and journalistic circles in Britain and Northern Ireland. See

New edition[wysig bron]

The new edition of has dropped the claim that Hain's mother is British and the claim that Walter Vannet Hain was born in the 1930's. Glasgow has disappeared, too. Hain has no Chinese, Malay, Hottentot, Bushman, or negro appearance and seems to be about 1/8 Northern Indian, 1/8 Southern Indian and 3/4 white. These figures are highly approximate. A third edition has appeared. It now says that Walter Vannet Hain was born in the 1920's.

£100,000[wysig bron]

The "Guardian" newspaper, on 10/1/2008, noted that Hain was being accused of not reporting £100,000 in contributions. A separate £82,000 was reported. Peter Hain resigned from his posts with the Labour administration on 24/1/2008, after the Police were told of the contributions.

In the event, Hain was never prosecuted.

Third edition[wysig bron]

In the third edition of Hain's site, the 1920's have appeared. They replace the 1930's, attacked by me.