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Danacord is 'n Deense klassieke musiek -platemaatskappy wat in 1979 in Kopenhagen deur Jesper Buhl gestig is. Danacord het baie première-opnames van minder bekende Deense musiek gemaak.[1][2] Danacord het ook historiese opnames soos die opname deur die Kai Olsson (1924-1996) weer vrygestel, en opname vir die Deense Radio van 26 Deense vioolconcertos, van 200 jaar, in 10 volumes.[3]

Verwysings[wysig | wysig bron]

  1. Schwann inside jazz & classical 2000 Volumes 1-2 Page 26 "Since it numbers among those languages you have to grow up with in order to speak, let alone sing, most of this ravishing music has had to wait for the initiative of Danacord, Jesper Buhl's spunky little Copenhagen-based label, for it to attract ..."
  2. Joel Flegler Fanfare Volume 18, Numéro 6 1995 - Page 26 "Jesper Buhl, founder of Danacord and an unquenchable fountain of enthusiasm for all things musical, had prepared for my arrival by buying a mountain of cakes at the local patisserie, chief among which were strawberry tarts"
  3. International Classical Record Collector [en] (ICRC), 1997 - Volume 3 Page 26 "Martin Anderson talks to the violinist Kai Laursen's widow about his life's work, a ten-CD boxed set of no fewer than 26 ... But the astonishing survey undertaken by the late Kai Laursen and now released on ten Danacord discs does just that. I thought I knew my Danish musical history reasonably well, but there are names here that I am not sure I have ever come.. " Page 27 "gloriously what-the-hell approach of Jesper Buhl, the head of Danacord - that, despite the evidence of the set spread in front of me, it still strikes me as slightly unreal."

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