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Risto hot sir (Risto Rekola) is interested in linguistics, history, literature, poetry, palindromes and music. Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish and German. 77 000 edits (fi-Wikipedia 2000, en-Wikipedia 4600, fi-Wikiquote 26 700, en-Wikiquote 33 000, et-Wikiquote 6700, et-Wikipedia 400, de-Wikiquote 300, la-Wikiquote 200, sv-Wikipedia 100, sv-Wikiquote 900, es-Wikiquote 100, it-Wikiquote 100). And as Sipe-Mika, during vandalism, 500 edits.

Hi sir, this is an Afrikaans wiki, please convert your intro to this language, or revert back to your home wiki.