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Recent edits[wysig bron]

Hi, Gaudio. I rolled back your recent edits. They didn't conform to the way surnames work in Afrikaans: "Van Graan, Tanya" is correct, "Graan, Tanya van" isn't. Anrie (kontak) 17:43, 12 Junie 2009 (UTC)Reply[antwoord]

Hallo! Hoe gaan dit met julle? I didn't know where to reply to you guys, so I'm writing in several places here
As you can see here ([1]), I found two ways for classifying South-African people with a Dutch family name, so I thought you guys used the same system that people use in the Netherlands ([2]) I found no info about that, so maybe you guys can complete that article and/or create another article with some specific information about South African names, you can even include some information about naming in Xhosa, Zulu, Venda and so on :)
About naming in Belgium, as you can see in the article, you can find some particularities, they ignore some particles in French names (Boulaye, Paul de la[3]), but not in Dutch names (Van Rompuy, Herman[4]), except the surnames of some Flemish painters (Dyck, Antoon van[5]) and there are also more types of sorting names, so it's complicated, but basically you're right they don't use the Dutch system for modern names.
You guys can revert my contributions, and if you are not administrators, you can copy the articles I created when I moved the article, and paste all the information in the first articles, you can redirect the articles created to the first articles so that no one can make the same mistake again. Gaudio (kontak) 10:08, 14 Junie 2009 (UTC)Reply[antwoord]