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Hi Syke107, my name is Thor, and I am a user of the English Wikipedia, at []. We need the help of an Afrikaans speaker to assist on one of our articles, and someone who has knowledge of South African Television.

We have an article about a South African TV game show called Noot vir Noot, which contains material which is in breach of copyright, since it appears to have been taken from here and translated, then posted to the article.

If you have a Project here dealing with South African TV, could you possibly post a message about it to them, in Afrikaans and English, and ask that anyone who knows about the show, come to the English Wikipedia and rebuild the article, please?

It has not been shown in England, so we know virtually nothing about the programme at all.

Your help would be most welcome.

Thorsteinn A. Malmjursson,

My English Talk Page Gebruikerbespreking in Afrikaans[wysig bron]

Is jy Syke van Phonje? — Adriaan (SB) 13:21, 25 September 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Yep. Syke107 19:21, 29 Oktober 2007 (UTC)[reply]