Jazz (album)

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van Queen
Vrygestel10 November 1978
Genrehard rock
EtiketEMI, Parlophone (Europa)
Elektra, Hollywood (USA)
News of the World
(1977)News of the World1977
Jazz The Game
(1980)The Game1980

Jazz is 'n album van Queen wat in 1978 vrygestel is.

Snitte en snitlengtes[wysig | wysig bron]

  1. Mustapha (Freddie Mercury), 3:01
  2. Fat Bottomed Girls (Brian May), 4:16
  3. Jealousy (Freddie Mercury), 3:13
  4. Bicycle Race (Freddie Mercury), 3:01
  5. If You Can't Beat Them(John Deacon), 4:15
  6. Let Me Entertain You (Freddie Mercury), 3:01
  7. Dead on Time(Brian May), 3:23
  8. In Only Seven Days (John Deacon), 2:30
  9. Dreamer's Ball (Brian May), 3:30
  10. Fun It (Roger Taylor), 3:29
  11. Leaving Home Ain't Easy (Brian May), 3:15
  12. Don't Stop Me Now (Freddie Mercury), 3:29
  13. More of That Jazz (Roger Taylor), 4:16