Karen Chin

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Karen Chin
Nasionaliteit Amerikaans
Vakgebied Paleontologie
Instelling(s) Universiteit van Colorado, Boulder, en Kurator van Paleontologie, Universiteit van Colorado
Alma mater Universiteit van Kalifornië, Santa Barbara
Doktorale promotor(s) Bruce H. Tiffney
Bekend vir Kenner op die gebied van koproliete.[1]

Karen Chin is 'n Amerikaanse paleontoloog en taponoom wat beskou word as een van die wêreld se voorste kundiges in koproliete.[2][3][4][5]

Publikasies[wysig | wysig bron]

  • Chin, K., Hartman, J.H., and Roth, B. 2009. Opportunistic exploitation of dinosaur dung: fossil snails in coprolites from the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation of Montana. Lethaia 42: 185-198.
  • Chin, K., Bloch, J.D., Sweet, A.R., Tweet, J.S., Eberle, J.J., Cumbaa, S.L., Witkowski, J., and Harwood, D.M. 2008. Life in a temperate polar sea: a unique taphonomic window on the structure of a Late Cretaceous Arctic marine ecosystem. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 275: 2675-2685.
  • Tweet, J.S., Chin, K., Braman, D.R., and Murphy, N.L. 2008. Probable gut contents within a specimen of Brachylophosaurus canadensis (Dinosauria: Hadrosauridae) from the Upper Cretaceous Judith River Formation of Montana. Palaios 23: 625-636.
  • Chin, K. 2007. The paleobiological implications of herbivorous dinosaur coprolites from the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation of Montana: why eat wood? Palaios 22: 554-566.
  • Chin, K., and Bishop, J. 2007. Exploited twice: bored bone in a theropod coprolite from the Jurassic Morrison Formation of Utah, USA. In: Bromley, R.G., Buatois, L.A., Mángano, M.G., Genise, J.F., and Melchor, R.N. [eds.], Sediment-Organism Interactions: A Multifaceted Ichnology. Society for Sedimentary Geology Special Publications, v. 88, pp. 377–385.
  • Chin, K., Tokaryk, T.T., Erickson, G.M., Calk, L.C., 1998, A king-sized theropod coprolite, Naturev. 393, pp. 680–682.

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