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Oorspronklike lêer(SVG-lêer, normaalweg 900 × 600 piksels, lêergrootte: 9 KG)

Hierdie lêer kom vanaf Wikimedia Commons en kan ook in ander projekte gebruik word. Die beskrywing op die lêer se inligtingsblad word hieronder weergegee.

Français : Drapeau du Zaïre (1971-1997)
Lingála: Bɛndɛ́lɛ ya Zaire (1971-1997)
Kongo: Dalapo ya Zaire (1971-1997)
Română: Steag al Zairului (1971-1997)
Kiswahili: Bendera ya Zaire (1971-1997)
English: Own work based on official flags
(supplement http://flagspot.net/flags/cd-zr.html)
Română: Lucrare proprie bazată pe steaguri oficiale
Outeur User:Moyogo
(Hergebruik van die lêer)
Public domain This work was first published in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is now in the public domain because its copyright protection has expired by virtue of the Ordinance-Law No. 86-033 of 5 April 1986 on the Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights (details). The work meets one of the following criteria:

  • It is an anonymous, pseudonymous or posthumous work and 50 years have passed since the date of its publication
  • It is a photographic work, and 25 years have passed since the date of its publication
  • It is another kind of work, and 50 years have passed since the year of death of the author (or last-surviving author)
  • It is an "official act of authority" and ineligible for copyright protection; however "literary, artistic, or scientific publications produced by the authorities" are copyrighted by the government

Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg
PD-icon.svg Hierdie beeld kom nie in aanmerking vir kopiereg nie en is dus in die publieke domein, aangesien die werk geen oorspronklike outeurskap bevat nie.
This image shows a flag, a coat of arms, a seal or some other official insignia. The use of such symbols is restricted in many countries. These restrictions are independent of the copyright status.
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Colours scheme

Flag of Zaire.svg Green Yellow Red Brown Black
RGB 106/189/81 252/221/9 218/18/26 125/75/35 0/0/0
Hexadecimal #6abd51ff #fcdd09ff #da121aff #7d4b23ff #000000ff
CMYK 44/0/57/26 0/12/96/1 0/92/88/15 0/40/72/51 0/0/0/100


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huidig16:58, 4 Januarie 2019Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 16:58, 4 Januarie 2019900 × 600 (9 KG)FDRMRZUSAReduced size (compressed).
15:11, 4 Januarie 2019Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 15:11, 4 Januarie 2019900 × 600 (21 KG)FDRMRZUSAHigher svg resolution from same file: resized by "Inkscape". Same proportion: 2:3. No other changes.
01:14, 4 Julie 2015Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 01:14, 4 Julie 2015750 × 500 (20 KG)TRAJAN 117Slight adjustment to centre colours (red and yellow).
01:39, 3 Julie 2015Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 01:39, 3 Julie 2015750 × 500 (20 KG)TRAJAN 117Properly fixed centre, corrected ratio.
21:53, 20 Julie 2011Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 21:53, 20 Julie 2011744 × 496 (21 KG)Fry1989back to original colours, most show it like this, keeping re-worked centre
18:31, 10 April 2011Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 18:31, 10 April 2011744 × 496 (19 KG)MS05LChanged the colors a little bit and removed the black outline of the circle.
12:38, 10 April 2011Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 12:38, 10 April 2011744 × 496 (19 KG)MS05LI have reworked the center piece.
20:14, 29 September 2005Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 20:14, 29 September 2005744 × 496 (13 KG)MoyogoFlag of Zaire, former Congo Kinshasa

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