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The Paralympic Symbol. The logo of the Paralympic Games, and of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) logo (since 2004).

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This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. Modifications: logo extracted. The original can be viewed here: Chinese Taipei Paralympic Flag.svg. Modifications made by Mboro.

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This image is a derivative work of the following images:

  • File:Chinese_Taipei_Paralympic_Flag.svg licensed with PD-self
    • 2008-11-08T20:30:12Z Zscout370 900x600 (7029 Bytes) To match the colors specified by the IPC.
    • 2008-01-19T07:45:24Z PhiLiP 900x600 (6283 Bytes)
    • 2006-02-26T07:22:49Z Denelson83 900x600 (9452 Bytes) Attempting to apply 10-way symmetry
    • 2006-02-26T07:12:04Z Denelson83 900x600 (10839 Bytes) Chinese Taipei [[w:Paralympic Games|Paralympic]] flag, based on [[:Image:Chinese Taipei Olympic Flag.svg]]. It's easy to put a border around this flag: {{border|[[Image:Chinese Taipei Paralympic Flag.svg|100px]]}} [[Category

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huidig19:05, 3 Julie 2012Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 19:05, 3 Julie 2012864 × 650 (1 KG)RonhjonesThis is "IPC_00_Symbol_RGB_849px.svg" supplied by the IPC in OTRS 2012061810009184 - colours are Red: R 170 G 39 B 47 Blue: R 0 G 84 B 159 Green: R 0 G 133 B 66
21:21, 15 Junie 2012Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 21:21, 15 Junie 2012849 × 591 (3 KG)Fry1989correct
20:34, 1 Junie 2009Duimnaelskets vir weergawe vanaf 20:34, 1 Junie 2009900 × 640 (3 KG)Mboro{{Information |Description=International Paralympic Committee logo (since 2004). |Source=|Source=*[http://en.beijing2008.cn/53/90/article211929053.shtml IPC logo history] on Beijing Olympics & Paralympics website; *[[File:Chinese_Taipei_Paralympic_Flag_(b

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