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Notice: It's been proposed (archive) to free up Template:Link, which currently points here, and repurpose it to urlencode links as an alternative to the single bracket notation so that they will work even if they contain quotation marks. The first step to this end will be to replace "link" with "ill" on pages currently containing the redirect. Wnt (talk) 23:07, 2 November 2013 (UTC)


This template temporarily displays a link to a non-English Wikipedia article, while the corresponding English-language Wikipedia article is lacking ("a red link"). The red link is explicitly shown, followed by the non-English link. Hovering over the non-English link will display the name of the article on the non-English Wikipedia. Once the English article is created, the non-English link will not be shown.

The template name ill stands for InterLanguage Link.

Parameters[wysig bron]

The template accepts two, three, or four parameters:

  1. (required) interwiki language code, i.e. fr, bg, no, nl, etc. (see List of Wikipedias)
  2. (required) name of article in English-language Wikipedia
  3. (optional) name of article in non-English Wikipedia, if different from above
  4. (optional) text to display if the text given in the second parameter is not suitable; also available as named parameter |lt=

Usage[wysig bron]

When article names would be the same in English and foreign language Wikipedia:

When article names are different in English and foreign language Wikipedia:

  • Usage: {{ill|bg|Parlichevo|Пърличево}}
  • Result: Parlichevo (bg)

When the English article is created, the other language link won't be shown:

Piped links[wysig bron]

In some cases the English Wikipedia might use a piped link:

  • Example: [[Rangel, Angola|Rangel]]
  • Result: Rangel

The template can create the same link shown above by using a fourth parameter:

  • Usage: {{ill|pt|Rangel, Angola|Rangel (Angola)|Rangel}}
  • Result: Rangel (pt)

Alternatively the named parameter lt (for link text) can be used:

  • Usage: {{ill|pt|Rangel, Angola|lt=Rangel|Rangel (Angola)}}
  • Result: Rangel (pt)

Note: Do not use the {{!}} template to create a piped link, since the interwiki links will not then disappear when the English article exists:

{{ill|pt|Rangel, Angola{{!}}Rangel|Rangel (Angola)}} is not equivalent to {{ill|pt|Rangel, Angola|Rangel (Angola)|Rangel}}.

See also[wysig bron]

Similar functionality:

  • {{illm}} – similar template allowing links to more than one non-English Wikipedia
  • {{link-interwiki}} – similar but clumsier template; parameters are named
  • {{ill-WD}} – to link to multiple other projects through Wikidata
  • {{ill2}} – like {{illm}} but interlanguage links always show