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Waarskuwing: Waarde vir "common_name" nie gespesifiseer nie
Waarskuwing: Waarde nie gespesifiseer vir "continent" nie

"Plaaslike naam"
"Konvensionele lang naam"
Life span?

Hoofstad Nie gespesifiseer nie
[[Regering|]] Nie gespesifiseer nie

This infobox is a part of WikiProject Former countries.

Main features:

  1. Fields are generally hidden, unless information is avalable
  2. Wikilinks are automatically resolved for existing articles, and otherwise displayed "as is".
  3. Based on the information entered categories will be automatically generated. For example
    1. Former countries in XXXX, giving the name of the continent that the state existed in
    2. Former monarchies of XXXX, giving the name of the continent that the state existed in
    3. xxxx establishments and xxxx disestablishments, giving the years of the state's establishment and disestablishment.
    4. List of supported categories - please update this list whenever changes are made to the template
  4. Statistics are automatically calculated from given area and population data - so these values must be entered without spaces or commas.
  5. A similar infobox is also available for subdivisions of former countries — see Template:Infobox Former Subdivision.
  6. The date bar and flag-navigation features of this infobox have also been applied to Template:Infobox SSR, the infobox specifically made for member states of the former USSR.

Infobox with many fields made visible - See template talk page for further syntax information.

Finland road sign 142 (1995–2020).svg This infobox is under constant development. For many entries, the infobox has been implemented by one of the main developers. Other users are welcome to implement the infobox themselves, but developers might make modifications later on - largely for functionality reasons.

The main developers are:

If you are unsure about the usage of this template, or if you want to know why a certain modification was made, please contact a developer. Your comments and questions assist the developers in creating, improving and documenting infobox features.

An expanded set of instructions for using this template is given here

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