Verskil tussen weergawes van "Libiese Burgeroorlog"

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(Rol vandalisme terug.)
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977).svg|22px]] [[Saif al-Islam Ghaddafi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977).svg|22px]] [[Khamis al-Ghaddafi]] (↑)<ref>[ Libya: Bulldozers raze Gaddafi Bab al-Aziziya compound]</ref><br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Saif al-Arab al-Ghaddafi]] (↑)<ref>[ Nato strike 'kills Gaddafi's youngest son' - Africa - Al Jazeera English<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref><br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Al-Saadi al-Ghaddafi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr]] (†)<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Abdullah Senussi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Massoud Abdelhafid]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Baghdadi Mahmudi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Mahdi al-Arabi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Mohamed Abu Al-Quasim al-Zwai]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Abuzed Omar Dorda]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Khouidli Hamidi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Salih Rajab al-Mismari]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Moussa Ibrahim]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Rafi al-Sharif]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Ali Sharif al-Rifi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Ali Kana]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Awad Hamza]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Bashir Hawadi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Mustafa al-Kharoubi]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Nasr al-Mabrouk]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya (1977-2011).svg|22px]] [[Mansour Daw]]
|strength1=17&nbsp;000<ref>[ Feature Report - Long summer of civil war in Libya]</ref>
|strength2=20&nbsp;000<ref>{{cite news | url =| title= Gadhafi Asks Obama To Call Off NATO Military Campaign| publisher=via [[CTV News]]| date=6 April 2011|accessdate=14 Augustus 2011}}</ref>–40&nbsp;000<ref>{{cite news | author=Staff | url= | title = Libya: How the Opposing Sides Are Armed |publisher=BBC News | date= 10 Maart 2011 | accessdate =14 Augustus 2011}}</ref>