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(Nuwe bladsy geskep met '==Author's note==')
==Author's note==
I am not a speaker of Afrikaans; I simply compiled the information that was readily available to me already in Afrikaans Wikipedia.<br />
There are a number of missing titles which I assume are known to a great many people. I read ''The Lord of the Rings'' 40 years ago, but today everyone knows the book or the movies or both. There is a Hercule Poirot mystery by Agatha Christie, a Sherlock Holmes novel from Arthur Conan Doyle, ''The War of the Worlds'' by H.G. Wells, and so on.<br />
I hope a number of these missing titles can be added with very little stress or effort required.<br />
Good luck.<br />
In Toronto, Canada, [[Gebruiker:Varlaam|Varlaam]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Varlaam|kontak]]) 06:55, 15 Julie 2013 (UTC)