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geen wysigingsopsomming nie
Hello, I saw your contribution here about Asian content and sign-up for Asian Month. I guess you did not find out who to join or hold this event on afwp. If you did intend to do so please let me know I will count you in. [[:m:User talk:AddisWang|Leave me a message at meta]]. <br />
As jy probleme het lees Engels, laat my 'n boodskap op [[:m:User talk:AddisWang|meta]] met "moeilikheid" so ek iemand om ons te help vind. (Google Translate)--[[Gebruiker:AddisWang|AddisWang]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:AddisWang|kontak]]) 05:04, 3 Desember 2015 (UTC)
==Wikipedia Asian Month==
Hi, thank you for participation in Wikipedia Asian Month. Please fill out [ '''the survey'''] that we use to collect the mailing address. All personal information will be only used for postcard sending and will be deleted immediately after the postcard is sent. If you have any question, you may contact me at [[m:User talk:AddisWang|Meta]]. Hope to see you in 2016 edition of Wikipedia Asian Month.--[[Gebruiker:AddisWang|AddisWang]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:AddisWang|kontak]]) 19:16, 25 Januarie 2016 (UTC)