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→‎Botstatus: Why I see it as an advantage for all to have many interwiki bots.
(→‎Botstatus: Why I see it as an advantage for all to have many interwiki bots.)
Until further notice is given, no further bots will be approved. The general consensus is that the number of active bots (about 9 - total of 20 approved bots), compared to the number of articles ({{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}) and the number of active and semi-active users (about 20-30) is more than sufficient. We will notify you if and when the situation changes. Thank you. [[Gebruiker:Anrie|Anrie]] 11:14, 28 Junie 2007 (UTC)
: I see. But you should not compare the number of interwiki bots to the local number of articles but to the overall number of articles in all Wikipedias. The bots follows interwiki links from all languages to all languages, and after all referenced pages have been collected, they will update those with missing or wrong lnks. For that process to be efficient it is best if the bots can edit in as many languages as possible.
: Besides there are differences in the way the bots work. Where they start, how the articles are selected, and whether they run automatically (and thus may have to skip when more than one link is found to the same language) or as mine run manually assisted so the operator may (or may not) be able to solve the found interwiki conflicts. [[Gebruiker:Byrial|Byrial]] 10:26, 29 Junie 2007 (UTC)
: As I see it, you will by allowing use of interwiki bots improve both your own Wikipedia by quicker update of interwiki links, and all Wikipedias by more efficient use of the resources - specially if a bot is able to solve an interwiki conflict so the next bot can save many fetches of wrong pages. [[Gebruiker:Byrial|Byrial]] 10:26, 29 Junie 2007 (UTC)