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[[Lêer:Flag of Libya.svg|22px]] [[Suleiman Mahmoud]]<ref>{{Cite news|author=Staff|url=|title=The Battle for Libya: The Colonel Fights Back – Colonel Muammar Qaddafi Is Trying To Tighten His Grip on the West, While the Rebels' Inexperience Leaves Them Vulnerable in the East |work=The Economist|date=10 Maart 2011|accessdate=26 Maart 2011}}</ref><br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya.svg|22px]] [[Abdul Fatah Younis]] (↑)<ref>{{Cite news|publisher=BBC News |url=|title = Rebels Forced from Libyan Oil Port|date=10 Maart 2011| archiveurl =|archivedate=28 Januarie 2011|url-status=live}}</ref><br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya.svg|22px]] [[Khalifa Belqasim Haftar]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya.svg|22px]] [[Mahdi al-Harati]]<br />
[[Lêer:Flag of Libya.svg|22px]] [[Libya Abu Oweis]]<br />
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