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Etiket: 2017-bronwysiging
Etiket: 2017-bronwysiging
=== The President at the Wheel ===
[[Lêer:President Vacations at Hammersmith Farm. President Kennedy at the wheel of the Coast Guard Yacht "Manitou".... - NARA - 194211.tif|duimnael|links|President John F. Kennedy at the wheel of the Coast Guard yacht ''Manitou'' in 1962]]
* The author of one of my favorite French yachting handbooks wonders why so few statesmen were or are devoted yachtsmen. Like Helmut Schmidt, chancellor of Germany, and J F K
* An image of John F. and Jackie aboard their yacht captures a moment of joy
* [ ''Yachting Art: The boats of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, president, sailor and skipper'']