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:Hope that helps and sorry if it was a bit of a long not not very direct answer. As we all know copyright law is a very tricky thing on Wikipedia.--[[Gebruiker:Discott|Discott]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Discott|kontak]]) 09:13, 22 September 2021 (UTC)
::{{ping|Discott}} Thank you so much for the answer! It is crystal clear; I'll rather wait: 10 years isn't that much, if you think about it (at 31 I already have some grey hair at my temples, a few more at 41 won't do any harm). It's just that, after uploading, say, 5 000 pictures have been uploaded with the CC-BY-NC licence, all of them need to be recategorized (Public Domain) and relocated (to WikiCommons) AGAIN.
::Besides, the photos are typically black-and-white on presumably fish-and-chips paper for 'consumption'; in comparison to the Dukuza glossy paper of the ''South African Panorama'' meant for the coffee tables of the Embassies (and your local library) back them.
::But 2065 is, unfortunately, still a very, very, very long way to go for the bright, full-coloured photos of this magnificent wolf, Big Red, shared with Trollope. There is no way we can upload that one soon. The book has an ISBN-number, the works.
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