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| colspan="4" style="background-color:#faecc8;" |<big>'''{{#ifeq: {{lc:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}} | {{uc:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}} | Hello,&nbsp;user from [[IP adres|IP address]] {{BASEPAGENAME}} | Hello&nbsp;{{PAGENAME}}}},''' [[Wikipedia:Welkom nuwelinge|welkom]] to the Afrikaans Wikipedia!</big> |align=right style="background: #faecc8;" | [[Lêer:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[Sjabloon:Welkom|''Boodskap in Afrikaans'']]'''
[[Lêer:Flag of South Africa.svg|20px]] '''[[Sjabloon:Welkom|''Boodskap in Afrikaans'']]'''
| colspan="4" | Thank you for your interest in [[Wikipedia]]. We are working here on the ideal of a free and freely available, freely editable, neutral and complete encyclopedia.
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