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This is interwiki bot starting from [[:cs:]]. Usually it does autonomously interwiki through all pages (starting from cs, csb, hsb, dsb and others). Sometimes it does interwiki solving (removing) with assistance of owner.
Manual controlled interwiki bot owned by [[:cs:Wikipedista:JAn Dudík|JAn]]
{{Bot|JAn Dudík}}
If bot removes something (badly), please control:
* Wasn't the removed page disambiguation (if local page is not)?
* Isn't removed page redirect to article with different backlink?
* Are both articles about the sme thing?
* weren't in the article two or more interwiki links to same language?
* Isn't there another article with same link?
If you have some questions, request or comment, please, post it to my [[:cs:Wikipedista diskuse:JAn Dudík|czech talk page]].
ManualBot is controlled interwiki bot owned by [[:cs:Wikipedista:JAn Dudík|JAn]]