Babez For Breakfast

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Babez For Breakfast is 'n album van Lordi wat in 2010 vrygestel is.

Snitte en snitlengtes[wysig]

  1. SCG5: It's a Boy!
  2. Babez for Breakfast
  3. This Is Heavy Metal
  4. Rock Police
  5. Discoevil
  6. Call Off the Wedding
  7. I Am Bigger Than You
  8. ZombieRawkMachine
  9. Midnite Lover
  10. Give Your Life for Rock and Roll
  11. Nonstop Nite
  12. Amen's Lament to Ra
  13. Loud and Loaded
  14. Granny's Gone Crazy
  15. Devil's Lullaby


  • This Is Heavy Metal
  • Rock Police

Album musikante[wysig]

  • Mr. Lordi (Tomi Putaansuu)
  • Kita (Sampsa Astala)
  • Amen (Jussi Sydänmaa)
  • Ox (Samer el Nahhal)
  • Awa (Leena Peisa)