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Uitleg van bronteks
k (Uitleg van bronteks)
(Uitleg van bronteks)
Bv, kalsium (Ca) het 20 protone en 20 elektrone. Dus sal kalsium 2 elektrone in skil K, hê, 8 in skil L en 10 in skil M.
== Geskiedenis ==
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In a [[noble gas]], an atom tends to have 8 electrons in its outer shell (except helium, which is only able to fill its shell with 2 electrons). This serves as the model for the [[octet rule]] which is mostly applicable to main group [[Chemical element|element]]s of the second and third [[periodic table|periods]]. In terms of [[atomic orbitals]], the electrons in the valence shell are distributed 2 in the single ''s'' orbital and 2 each in the three ''p'' orbitals.
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