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Machiavelli and the Four Seasons
van TISM
Vrygestel4 Mei 1995
GenreAlternative rock
EtiketShock Records/genre b.goode
Australia the Lucky Cunt
(1993)Australia the Lucky Cunt1993
Machiavelli and the Four Seasons Jung Talent Time
(1995)Jung Talent Time1995

Machiavelli and the Four Seasons is TISM se derde album, wat op 4 Mei 1995 vrygestel is.

Snitlist op die rug[wysig | wysig bron]

  1. I Love You Baby
  2. You and Me, Baby Love
  3. Baby, I Love You
  4. Love; Baby-You
  5. It's You I Love, Baby
  6. In Love with You, Baby
  7. Baby, Baby, Baby
  8. Love, Love, Love
  9. Baby Love
  10. I.L.Y.B

Egte snitlist[wysig | wysig bron]

  1. (He'll never be an) Ol' Man River
  2. All Homeboys are Dickheads
  3. Garbage
  4. Lose Your Delusion II
  5. !UOY sevoL nataS
  6. What Nationality is Les Murray?
  7. Greg! The Stop Sign!!
  8. Play Mistral for Me
  9. How Do I Love Thee?
  10. Jung Talent Time
  11. Aussiemandias
  12. Give Up for Australia