Gaan na inhoud


in Wikipedia, die vrye ensiklopedie

This template can be applied to any talk page or discussion argief, and will return links to all the numbered argiefs of that page or its parent page. In order for the template to work, the argiefs must follow the naming convention specified at WP:ARCHIVE, Talk:PAGENAME/Argief 1, with a capital A, a space before the number, and no leading zeros. This template should not be substituted – that way, the list of links will update itself whenever a new numbered argief is added. This template can be used with {{argief box}} to produce a box of numbered argief links without entering them all manually. To do this, use {{argief box|auto=yes}}.

Warning: argiefs numbered past 100 are ignored.

This template is based on a template created by Luna Santin, here.