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Usage[wysig bron]

{{Harvard aanhaling geen hakkies nie | ''Last name of author(s)'' | ''Year'' | ''Location in the text'' }}

Alternative to using Location, you may also use the following parameters:

p = page pp = pages

  • The abbreviation Harvnb may be used.
  • The first parameter is the author's last name.
  • The second parameter is the year of publication.
  • The third parameter is the location of the cited material within the reference. This parameter is optional.
  • The parameter p is an optional page parameter (e.g., "{{ Harvnb | Smith | 2006 | p=25 }}" yields Smith 2006, p. 25.
  • The parameter pp is an optional page range parameter (e.g., "{{ Harvnb | Smith | 2006 | pp=25-26 }}" yields Smith 2006, pp. 25-26.

If Ref=none, then no hyperlink is created.

Examples[wysig bron]


Purpose[wysig bron]

There are limited situations in which it is undesirable to surround a Harvard citation by brackets. An example may be where the citation has been formatted as an inline citation using cite.php. See also Template:Harvard citation.

This template employs complicated or esoteric features of template syntax.
Please do not attempt to alter it unless you are certain that you understand the setup and are prepared to repair/revert any consequent collateral damage if the results are unexpected. Any experiments should be conducted in the template sandbox or your user space.