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TISM  —  www.tism.wanker.com

2 Junie 1998


genre b.goode / Shock
FMR (3 Desember 2001 re-issue)

Formate CD
Musiekstyl Alternative rock
Aantal musiekstukke 12


Kroniek van TISM
Machines Against the Rage
www.tism.wanker.com De Rigueurmortis
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www.tism.wanker.com is TISM se vierde album, vrygestel in 1998.

Snitte[wysig | wysig bron]

Disc 1: www.tism.wanker.com[wysig | wysig bron]

  1. There's Gonna Be Sex Tonite
  2. Whatareya?
  3. Dumb 'n' Base
  4. Thunderbirds are Coming Out
  5. Been Caught Wankin'
  6. Denial Works for Me
  7. The Parable of Glenn McGrath's Haircut
  8. I Might Be a Cunt, But I'm Not a Fucking Cunt (sensuur op rug)
  9. Yob]]
  10. Great Expectorations
  11. A Hard-Earned Thirst Needs a Big Cold Beer, But I Drink to Get Pissed
  12. The Men's Room

Disc 2: Faulty Pressing (slegs met origineel kopieë van die album)[wysig | wysig bron]

2. Describe the Worst Headjob You've Ever Had? Fantastic!
4. The Last Australian Guitar Hero
6. Kate - Fischer of Men
7. My Brilliant Huntington's Korea
9. The Apology of the Thai Drug Runner
11. Julius Seizure (Act 3, Scene 2, Verses 73-118)
12. Neighbours - Everybody Loves Good Neighbours
14. Opposite Day
16. Rebel Without a Paunch
18. I'd Be Happier if I Was More Depressed
20. Professor Derrida Deconstructs
21. You Gotta Love That

Snitte 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, en 19 is Ron Hitler-Barassi en Humphrey B. Flaubert gepraat oor verskillende onderwerpe terwyl gekyk na die Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape.

iTunes bonus snitte: No Penis, No God[wysig | wysig bron]

  1. Ain't No Christian, But I Believe In Jesus
  2. I Lost My Man To The Lord
  3. Then The Answer Came
  4. Jesus Doesn't Believe In Jesus Anymore
  5. He Ain't Stopped Livin', He's Only Dead
  6. When Jesus Comes
  7. Club Heaven
  8. I Never Got The Message
  9. It Don't Matter What You Say