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Jammer ek kan nie goed afrikaans praat maar it says in the article that halloween originated in ireland. This is incorrect. Halloween is to celebrate the last harvesting day of the celtic year. Wales,Scotland,Ireland,Brittany,Cornwall and the ilse of man ar all celtic nations. Ireland isn't the only one i am welsh and it originated just as equally welsh as it is irish. Dankie en probeer meer afrikaans leer. My tannie bly in suid afrika en ek waar in suid afrika lastjie jaar.

The Celtic Holiday was of course not only observed in Ireland, but I think it is a fact that the modern custom of Hallowe'en was brought to North America in the 1840's by Irish immigrants. All the information in the article applies to the American and Canadian holiday and similar celebrations around the globe. Ancient Celtic mythology will be explored in a separate article someday. Thanks a lot for your input - critical readers who check the details are always welcome. --Voyageur 18:51, 31 Oktober 2007 (UTC)