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    Hi Ron!

    Can I just say that you are doing a great job adding Indonesian Cities, and what you're doing is fine, but as a suggestion - if you feel that the current infobox you're using is not flexible enough, here is (a slightly more confusing) infobox (which is already filled in).


    Ligging van Bristol in Engeland Wapen
    Bristol arms cropped.jpg
    Kaart van Bristol
    99Bristol outline map with UK.png
     Land Vlag van Verenigde Koninkryk Verenigde Koninkryk
     Graafskap Bristol
     Koördinate 51°27′N 2°35′W / 51.450°N 2.583°W / 51.450; -2.583
     - Totaal 110 vk km
     Hoogte bo seevlak 11 m
     - Totaal (2007) 416 400
     - Bevolkingsdigtheid 3 639/vk km
     Tydsone GMT
     - Somertyd GMT +1
     Burgemeester Roger Berry
     Amptelike Webwerf

    You will find that this infoboks you can add extra sections/change the size of images/wapens/vlags used as well as replace the 'vlag' section with someone else, such as another image or map of the province it's located in.

    Other suggestion[wysig bron]

    Another suggestion (which I will help you with) is creating a 'indonesian stede sjabloon' such as:

    Hope this helps and I will keep you updated with any other ways of improving the articles. Thanks for all your work so far!

    Best Regards, Ben (Bezuidenhout (kontak) 16:03, 1 April 2009 (UTC))Beantwoord[antwoord]

    Thank you/Baie dankie, Ron4

    "Missing Links"[wysig bron]

    Hi Ron,

    Dankie vir al die werk. Kan jy asseblief in die Infoboks die etikette vir "vlag","beeld","wapen", en "kaart" in kommentaar sit indien daar inligting ontbreek? Soos bv. by Banjarbaru. Dit maak dat daar nie "missing links" verskyn nie. Die sjabloon hanteer ongelukkig andersins nog nie hierdie opsies korrek indien daar geen inligting ingevoeg word nie. Ek het 'n klompie van die bladsye al bygewerk.

    Groete, Arnobarnard (kontak) 13:24, 6 Julie 2009 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

    If you help me technically with the way the Dutch made their newest (with heights !) maps of Indonesië including location (und put it in the sjabloon), I would be glad. Most Indonesian cities don't have a Flag, so this place is also available. I don't alternative yet.

    An alternative can be found on VK cities articles such as Bristol, Bolton and other Vk cities. These can fill in vlag, wapen, and if you can't find a map, then at least show the province or nation that it's located in :) --Ben Bezuidenhout (kontak) 17:52, 6 Julie 2009 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

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