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Dokumentasie-ikoon Sjabloondokumentasie[sien] [wysig] [geskiedenis] [wis kasgeheue]

Function[wysig bron]

Format release version and date for display in infoboxes and wikitables; intended to identify the latest preview release.

Usage[wysig bron]

| article = 
| latest release version = 
| latest release date = <!-- {{Start date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->

Example[wysig bron]

1.15alpha  (Januarie 13, 2009; 12 jaar gelede (2009-01-13))

| article = MediaWiki
| latest release version = 1.15alpha
| latest release date = {{Start date and age|2009|01|13}}

Parameters[wysig bron]

The article parameter will default to {{PAGENAME}} if left empty.

If the latest release version parameter is empty this template will not display anything.

The latest release date parameter is optional and if left empty no date will be shown.

See also[wysig bron]

  • {{LSR}} – latest stable release