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[wysig bron]

This template creates an ordered list, which is similar to a numbered list but may display other characters, such as roman numbers or alphabet letters, instead of the decimal enumerator.


[wysig bron]
{{Ordered list |entry1 |entry2| ... }}
Offset starting value
{{Ordered list |start=start|entry1 |entry2 |... |item1_style=CSS1 |item2_style=CSS2| ... }}
Changing the symbol style
{{Ordered list |list_style_type=type |entry1 |entry2 |... }}
With CSS style
{{Ordered list |item_style=CSS-all |entry1 |entry2 |... }}
With separate CSS styles for each item
{{Ordered list |entry1 |item1_style=CSS1 |entry2 |item2_style=CSS2 |... }}
With custom values for each item
{{Ordered list |item1_value=value1 |entry1 |item2_value=value2 |entry2 |... }}
Parameters' description
Parameter Description
list_style_type or


This parameter indicates the list style type. Popular acceptable parameters include:
  • decimal (1, 2, 3, 4, ...)
  • lower-roman (i, ii, iii, iv, ...)
  • upper-roman (I, II, III, IV, ...)
  • lower-alpha (a, b, c, d, ...)
  • upper-alpha (A, B, C, D, ...)

For a full list, see the following section.

Positional parameters

entry1 entry2 ...

The contents of each list item, as unnamed or positional parameters. There is no restriction on content, except equal signs (=) must be escaped or replaced with {{=}}, lest it will be interpreted a named parameter.

value1 value2 ...

Ordinal or label for a specific list item; a positive integer.
start Ordinal or label for the first item in the list; a positive integer (default is 1).

CSS1 CSS2 ...

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) styles that are set on a specific list item. (User must know CSS syntax.)


CSS styles that are set on each list item. (User must know CSS syntax.) When present, any itemn_style are disregarded.

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