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$wgMagicWordsEn at CVS Language.php mail / m:help:Variable, m:Global variables
method a method b generates
common namespaces [-2 - 15] / used at all MediaWiki projects
{{ns:-2}} {{ns:Media}}  Media
{{ns:-1}} {{ns:Special}}  Spesiaal
(Main) – MediaWiki:Blanknamespace – ‎(Hoof)
{{ns:1}} {{ns:Talk}}  Bespreking
{{ns:2}} {{ns:User}}  Gebruiker
{{ns:3}} {{ns:User_talk}}  Gebruikerbespreking
{{ns:4}} {{ns:Project}}  Wikipedia
{{ns:5}} {{ns:Project_talk}}  Wikipediabespreking
{{ns:6}} {{ns:Image}}  Lêer
{{ns:7}} {{ns:Image_talk}}  Lêerbespreking
{{ns:8}} {{ns:MediaWiki}}  MediaWiki
{{ns:9}} {{ns:MediaWiki_talk}}  MediaWikibespreking
{{ns:10}} {{ns:Template}}  Sjabloon
{{ns:11}} {{ns:Template_talk}}  Sjabloonbespreking
{{ns:12}} {{ns:Help}}  Hulp
{{ns:13}} {{ns:Help_talk}}  Hulpbespreking
{{ns:14}} {{ns:Category}}  Kategorie
{{ns:15}} {{ns:Category_talk}}  Kategoriebespreking
reserved namespaces
custom namespaces
{{ns:100}}    Portaal
{{ns:101}}    Portaalbespreking
{{CURRENTTIME}}  22:37
{{FULLPAGENAME}}  Sjabloon:Wikivar
{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}  Sjabloon:Wikivar 1
{{NAMESPACE}}  Sjabloon
{{NAMESPACEE}}  Sjabloon 1
{{PAGENAME}}  Wikivar
{{PAGENAMEE}}  Wikivar 1
{{SCRIPTPATH}}  /w 1
{{SERVER}}  //
{{SITENAME}}  Wikipedia
predefined templates
{{GRAMMAR:}}  GRAMMAR CVS /languages/
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