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so what exactly happened here? it's gone! and all the stad saadjie dont work anymore ... what happened!?– Hierdie ongetekende kommentaar is deur Africa South‎ (BesprekingBydraes) gelewer.

Do we really need a separate template for every single case of stubs? These templates always end up being used on only one or two articles - pretty pointless if you ask me. The original {{saadjie}} template already contains a function where you can just add a prefix to the default Kategorie:Saadjies by writing eg. {{saadjie|Stad}} and then the correct category is displayed. We don't need separate templates for each and every type of stub. The main problems are the category - and this is already solved. So I made this template only redirect to the general template of {{saadjie}}, but inserting the "stad" part. Adriaan90 (kontak) 17:07, 7 Julie 2008 (UTC)[antwoord]