Blood Red Shoes

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Blood Red Shoes
Blood Red Shoes.jpg
Blood Red Shoes
Oorsprong Brighton, Engeland (VK)
Genre(s) Indierock
Aktiewe jare 2005 — hede
Uitgewer(s) V2
Lede Laura-Mary Carter
Steven Graham Ansell
Assosiasies Cat on a Form
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Blood Red Shoes is 'n Engelse musiekgroep vanuit Brighton. Die groep is in 2005 gevorm en bestaan uit Laura-Mary Carter (sang en kitaar) en Steven Ansell (tromme en sang).



  • "Victory For The Magpie / Don't Always Say Yes/ Bless His Heart" - Jonson Family Records - 2005
  • "Stitch Me Back" - Try Harder - 2006
  • "ADHD / Can't Find The Door" - Try Harder - 2006
  • "You Bring Me Down" - Abeano/Drowned In Sound - 2006
  • "It's Getting Boring By The Sea / Box of Secrets" - V2 Records - 2007


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