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Image used is not Battersea[wysig bron]

Not really Battersea as we know it

I suggest that File:Vauxhall - Nine Elms - Battersea - Pimlico at night.jpg should be removed from this page or recaptioned. It is not representative or evocative of Battersea, with perhaps the exception of the power station. It is mainly of the Thames at Vauxhall, and the shorelines of Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Pimlico ... Vauxhall's St. George's Wharf Tower and its Thames Clippers pier ... with a tiny bit of the periphery of Battersea in the distance. It is in my view not an appropiate lead image for Battersea. It has been removed from en:Battersea. --Tagishsimon (kontak) 11:38, 16 Junie 2016 (UTC)

Not much to choose from. Battersea Power Station maybe. Cheers, --Voyageur (kontak) 12:17, 16 Junie 2016 (UTC)
Works well on Vauxhall if you have such a page - en:Vauxhall. --Tagishsimon (kontak) 16:06, 16 Junie 2016 (UTC)