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Titel[wysig bron]

Die artikel het nogal 'n vreemde naam. Behoort dit nie eerder Britse mandaat van Palestina te wees nie soortgelyk aan die Engelse en:British Mandate of Palestine? laurens 12:21, 2 Oktober 2007 (UTC)

Ek stem saam. Het dit solank geskuif (kan altyd ongedaan gemaak word of herskuif word). Anrie 13:19, 2 Oktober 2007 (UTC)

Verkeerde vlag[wysig bron]

I don't speak Afrikaans so I'll write in English. Please review following discussions, there was no official flag to Mandatory Palestine. The British used the Union Jack:

The current flag (that we are using in Wikipidia) is the Ensign flag, the flag had been use only for maritime purposes.

According to article Flag of Mandatory Palestine quote: "During the British Mandate over Palestine between 1920 and 1948, the de facto flag was the Union Jack or Union Flag of the United Kingdom, but several localised flags existed for Mandate government departments and government officials. The only Palestine-specific flag not restricted to official government use was the Palestine ensign (red with the Union Flag in the canton, and a white circle on the fly with the mandate's name inside it), which was flown by ships registered in the British Mandate territory from 1927 to 1948. This flag had an extremely limited use on land and was not embraced by either the Arabs or the Jews of the Palestine mandate territory".

We need to update the flag. Sokuya (kontak) 20:30, 8 Junie 2017 (UTC)

Kan iemand asb. die akkuraatheid van hierdie wysiging nagaan? Adriaan Joubert (kontak) 20:15, 16 Junie 2017 (UTC)