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Titel[wysig bron]

Die stad sal as Koeweit (stad) gelys moet word - artikels met titels soos Koeweit, Land is nie aanvaarbaar nie. The City of Kuwait will have to be listed as Koeweit (stad) - articles should not be named X, Land and X, Stad. Most users will want to look up the article about the country, and they may use a direct link to Kuwait (stad) from there. This link will serve the same purpose while the encyclopedia is not inflated with useless disambiguation pages.

The New York disambiguation page will also have to be eliminated so that the city's article can be renamed to New York, and a link will redirect users who need information about the state to New York (deelstaat). Otherwise we have three article pages where two would be sufficient. --Voyageur (kontak) 11:41, 27 Julie 2008 (UTC)