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Article description Country In administrative entity Geo Coordinate Image Locator map image
ECWA Evangel Hospital Nigerië
ECWA Hospital Egbe Nigerië
Sir Yahaya Memorial Hospital Nigerië
TBT Hospital Gboko Nigerië
Ahmadiyya Hospital Newbussa Nigerië
Oluyoro Catholic Hospital Nigerië
General Hospital, Ilorin Nigerië
National Hospital Abuja Nigerië Abuja 9°02′24″N 7°27′44″O / 9.0399722222222°N 7.46225°O / 9.0399722222222; 7.46225
University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Nigerië Abuja
University of Benin Teaching Hospital Nigerië Benin-stad 6°23′29″N 5°36′51″O / 6.391349°N 5.614079°O / 6.391349; 5.614079
Aerial View of the Hospital's Entrance.jpg
University College Hospital, Ibadan Nigerië Ibadan
Adeoyo Hospital Nigerië Ibadan
Jos University Teaching Hospital Nigerië Jos 9°55′06″N 8°53′32″O / 9.918467°N 8.892158°O / 9.918467; 8.892158
Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Nigerië Kano 11°57′46″N 8°33′07″O / 11.962676°N 8.551973°O / 11.962676; 8.551973
Lagos University Teaching Hospital Nigerië Lagos 6°31′08″N 3°21′20″O / 6.5189°N 3.3555°O / 6.5189; 3.3555
Lagos Island General Hospital Nigerië Lagos 6°26′51″N 3°23′48″O / 6.44741°N 3.39657°O / 6.44741; 3.39657
Lagoon Hospitals Nigerië Lagos
Reddington Hospital Nigerië Lagos
Creek Hospital Nigerië Lagos
National Orthopaedic Hospital Nigerië Lagos
Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital Nigerië Lagos
Gbagada General Hospital Nigerië Lagos 6°33′09″N 3°23′14″O / 6.55256°N 3.3871°O / 6.55256; 3.3871
Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital Nigerië Port Harcourt 4°46′49″N 7°00′50″O / 4.78028°N 7.01389°O / 4.78028; 7.01389
University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital Nigerië Port Harcourt 4°53′58″N 6°55′43″O / 4.89944°N 6.92861°O / 4.89944; 6.92861
Military Hospital, Port Harcourt Nigerië Port Harcourt 4°49′36″N 7°00′11″O / 4.82666667°N 7.00305556°O / 4.82666667; 7.00305556
Bowen University Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q1023703 8°08′09″N 4°13′58″O / 8.135834°N 4.232705°O / 8.135834; 4.232705
Eko Hospital Nigerië Q1024647
Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q1024647 6°35′24″N 3°20′30″O / 6.59011°N 3.34175°O / 6.59011; 3.34175
Ikeja General Hospital Nigerië Q1024647
Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex Nigerië Q180084 7°30′31″N 4°34′01″O / 7.508572°N 4.56687°O / 7.508572; 4.56687
Good Heart Specialist Hospital Nigerië Q18391957 4°49′10″N 7°00′03″O / 4.81944°N 7.00083°O / 4.81944; 7.00083
University of Uyo Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q1999000 5°00′42″N 7°51′34″O / 5.01165°N 7.859527°O / 5.01165; 7.859527
Ibom Specialist Hospital Nigerië Q1999000
Nigerian Christian Hospital Nigerië Q202162
Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta Nigerië Q206484
Sacred Heart Hospital Nigerië Q206484 7°09′49″N 3°21′46″O / 7.163479°N 3.362905°O / 7.163479; 3.362905
Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q2276423 6°50′57″N 3°39′11″O / 6.849042°N 3.653129°O / 6.849042; 3.653129
Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q2750772 6°01′33″N 6°54′50″O / 6.025768°N 6.913867°O / 6.025768; 6.913867
Federal Teaching hospital Abakaliki Nigerië Q304976 6°19′52″N 8°06′26″O / 6.331185°N 8.107153°O / 6.331185; 8.107153
Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q33525477 11°10′28″N 7°36′18″O / 11.174359°N 7.604973°O / 11.174359; 7.604973
Imo State University Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q3508985 5°30′13″N 7°02′38″O / 5.503724°N 7.043802°O / 5.503724; 7.043802
University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q465022 6°26′11″N 7°28′47″O / 6.43631°N 7.479795°O / 6.43631; 7.479795
St. Nicholas Hospital Nigerië Q49105809
Meridian Hospital Nigerië Q503923 4°48′02″N 6°59′55″O / 4.80056°N 6.99861°O / 4.80056; 6.99861
Kelsey Harrison Hospital Nigerië Q503923 4°47′22″N 6°59′34″O / 4.78944°N 6.99278°O / 4.78944; 6.99278
Rehoboth Specialist Hospital Nigerië Q503923 4°47′44″N 6°59′59″O / 4.79556°N 6.99972°O / 4.79556; 6.99972
Shepherd Specialist Clinic Nigerië Q503941
University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q587085 8°32′14″N 4°38′50″O / 8.537305°N 4.647313°O / 8.537305; 4.647313
Yariman Bakura Specialist Hospital Nigerië Q600405
First Consultant Hospital Nigerië Q605583 6°26′53″N 3°24′36″O / 6.44797°N 3.41012°O / 6.44797; 3.41012
St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos Nigerië Q605583 6°26′58″N 3°23′52″O / 6.44934°N 3.39772°O / 6.44934; 3.39772
St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos.jpg
Wesley Guild Hospital Nigerië Q763595 7°36′52″N 4°44′12″O / 7.614444°N 4.736724°O / 7.614444; 4.736724
LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Nigerië Q868203 7°46′42″N 4°33′07″O / 7.778456°N 4.551859°O / 7.778456; 4.551859
Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto Nigerië Sokoto stad 13°07′39″N 5°12′17″O / 13.127457°N 5.204623°O / 13.127457; 5.204623
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