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Hoe word 'n argief aangelê?
"Die perd se bek"!
Charline die kat met haar kroos

Britse Koninklike familie[wysig bron]

Zoeloes...[wysig bron]

Lyk vir my jy het jou moer gestrip vir die Zulu's... Dankie, dit was nodig! Groete! Oesjaar (kontak) 17:10, 2 November 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Mmm, Wolkberg-Zoeloe‎ is vir my so 'n mooi woord!
Kan jy help met 'n inligtingskassie by Zoeloevalsdoring?, ek is nou al dof! Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 17:23, 2 November 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Gedog jy vra nooit... Groete! Oesjaar (kontak) 17:34, 2 November 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

@Aliwal2012:, kan jy dalk die artikel met bronne voorsien? Groete! Oesjaar (kontak) 06:40, 16 November 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Gewasverbouing...[wysig bron]

@Aliwal2012:, Een of twee woorde? Oesjaar (kontak) 12:51, 16 Desember 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Een woord Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 12:56, 16 Desember 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Moslem Roma[wysig bron]

Hoekom is die Moslem Roma-bladsy uitgevee? verstaan ​​nie die rede nie. Vra vir verduideliking. Nalanidil (kontak) 18:35, 17 Desember 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Een lyn maak dit nie 'n artikel op standaard of wat hier iets werd is nie. Dit blyk ook 'n masjienvertaling te wees, wat dadelik geskrap sal word.
Groete, jou vriend Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 10:02, 18 Desember 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Vertaling...[wysig bron]

Ensure that your Wikimedia project’s views are represented in the global vote. Die vote gaan oor 'n besluit oor die Gedragskode. Dit is dus nie 'n verkiesing nie maar 'n stemming? (stemmery) Groete. Oesjaar Oesjaar (kontak) 09:16, 23 Desember 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Ek sal sê "verteenwoordig in die globale besluit"? Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 09:30, 23 Desember 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Humewood en Agter-Paarl[wysig bron]

@Aliwal2012:, die twee name kom gereels voor in die blomme artikels... Humewood is in PE. Groete! Oesjaar (kontak) 08:56, 15 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Hallo Oesjaar, nie nou tyd nie, ek werk aan my laaste saadjie-ontkieming voor beurtkrag weer toeslaan om 1nm. (Ons was al 8 ure af sedert gisteraand!)
Groete Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 09:12, 15 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Verstaan, sit self sonder krag van 08:00 vanoggend! Groete! Oesjaar (kontak) 09:19, 15 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

InternetArchiveBot[wysig bron]

Can you please explain why InternetArchiveBot is blocked by you, especially can you please explain why you blocked it November of 2022, when it hasn't even edited since March 2022? Normally, you should notify the bot operator when you block bots. —CYBERPOWER (kontak) 19:47, 23 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Thanks for your enquiry here. The bot in question persistantly makes disruptive edits to "archived" website addresses. This leads to double enlargement of infoboxes at most articles of capital cities on the Af:wiki. I had to manually clean several instances up.
As I understand the ground rules, any human editor has the right to turn off bot action if disruption happens.
Regards Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 20:27, 23 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Please point to an example the bot made that lead to you blocking it in November 2022? You need to notify bot operators that you blocked their bots. Also your explanation doesn't justify you blocking it while the bot was inactive. Please explain. —CYBERPOWER (kontak) 21:04, 23 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Message read, will answer tomorrow. Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 21:43, 23 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
P.S. Please don't interrogate me, I don't have the time nor energy to deal with that. Your userpage states: "I'm easy to get along with, and find myself reasonable."
My apologies, I am not trying to interrogate you. I'm just really confused about the block, or why I wasn't informed that you blocked. I very much would like to address any issues you have with the bot.—CYBERPOWER (kontak) 22:00, 23 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Hi @Cyberpower678:, here is an example [1] as requested by you yesterday. Regards! --Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 10:21, 24 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
The example you are providing shows correct behavior by the bot. The URL is dead and the bot is providing an archive URL for said dead URL. You can merge them in to reduce the size, on the article, but the bot does not outright replace URLs as a matter of policy. That aside this edit was made in August of 2021. Why did you block the bot in November of 2022? —CYBERPOWER (kontak) 16:25, 24 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
I beg to differ! Your bot made several disruptive edits that caused an extra-wide rendering of the infobox. After finding that your bot did re-do's of what I corrected, I blocked InternetArchiveBot in November 2022 to prevent any further unwanted edits by the bot.
If you are still unhappy with my answer, you are welcome to request a steward to lift the block. Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 17:41, 24 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Actually you blocked the bot after it has not edited for 8 months. You blocked the bot without reason. I suggest you check your time stamps of when the bot last edited and when you blocked it.
As for edits, the bot can be instructed to confine its editing to references only. I still don’t understand why you never contacted me to address this, and instead went straight to blocking the bot. —CYBERPOWER (kontak) 18:00, 24 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Hi, let's not get worked up by the details. The issue at hand here is the edits IABot made in the infoboxes. And as @Cyberpower678 has mentioned, that can be switched off (limited to only archiving references). Please show us how to do this, then it won't be a problem in the future, and then there is no need to block the bot. Everybody will be happy. - Rooiratel (kontak) 11:32, 25 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
I agree. As outlined on the bot's user page, there is a button that can take you to the configuration page. will take you directly there for afwiki. It's a page only sysops can access. The first option is called "Links to scan". Setting it to "Only links within references" will confine the bot to references only. This has already been done for you. :-) There are of course other options you may be interested in changing for afwiki, so please let me know if you have questions about it. —CYBERPOWER (kontak) 12:24, 25 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Thanks so much @Cyberpower678. @Aliwal2012 are you happy with this? If so, please unblock the bot, if not, please say why. - Rooiratel (kontak) 13:55, 25 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
I unblocked InternetArchiveBot as requested. Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png Aliwal2012 08:52, 26 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Thank you. :-) —CYBERPOWER (kontak) 18:44, 27 Januarie 2023 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]