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Aserbaidschan with NK (green)
The UN-Viewing of Aserbaidschan

NK is an enclave: see other articles e.g English wikipedia article at >> Geography. Ben Bezuidenhout (kontak) 21:11, 3 Januarie 2010 (UTC)

Look at these maps. NK is naas internasionalereg 'n deel van Aserbaidjan en le in Aserbaidjan. It's not an enklave. de:Autonome Republik Nachitschewan is 'n enklawe van Aserbaidschan. -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 21:22, 3 Januarie 2010 (UTC)
Well actually the first map says that the country IS an exclave and the land around it which connects it to Armenia is just countrolled by the Armenian military. Look closely at the map a bit further. Ben Bezuidenhout (kontak) 07:23, 4 Januarie 2010 (UTC)
Please look there, NK is mark in green at a map of Aserbaidschan and there: "Aserbaidschan mit dem früheren Autonomen Gebiet Bergkarabach (dunkelbraun) und den armenisch kontrollierten Gebieten (hellbraun): Aserbaidschan with the further autonom region NK (darkbrown) and the armenia controlled regions (ocker)." And look at the borders of the second map: The regionborder around NK is thin and Stateborders are bigger. Only Abchasia, Transnistria and South Ossetia recognise NK, Armenia doesn't. But only UN-Members could be an official enklave/exklave like Swasiland. Following the UN is NK an autonom region of Aserbaidjan like Gagausia in Moldawie. e.g. Berlyn is an exklave in Brandenburg, but not in Germany, but during the german division was Berlyn an exklave from West-Germany in Ost-Germany. -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 10:40, 4 Januarie 2010 (UTC)
I almost see what you're trying to say, but countries like Lesotho are exclaves, but sureley it doesn't matter weather it is member of the UN? The Vatican city is an enclave in Italy and it isnt a member of the UN? Wheather it's recognised by the majority of the surely surely doesn't matter either? Swaziland by the way is not an exclave or enclave because it borders both Mozambique and ZA. Berlin is an enclave in 2nd level administration, Naxivan is an enclave of Azerbeijan but NK is simply just an enclave territory awaiting recognition. Ben Bezuidenhout (kontak) 16:01, 4 Januarie 2010 (UTC)
To say NK is an exklave, international recognising is needed, or is Gaugasie an exklave in Moldowa if it say it is? Its still a part of Moldowa and NK is de jure a part of Aserbaidschan. Its only de facto an exklave, but thats not enough. NK never get full recognising, so were not allowed to say is is an exklave in Aserbaidschan. The Vatican is not an UN-Member, but has full international recognising. Switzerland wasn't until 2002 an UN-Member, but has full recognising, too. We need to write official facts from the UN and not the meaning of De-Facto-Regimes. De-Facto-Regimes are only one step more than separatism like in Corsica, Basque, Katalonia, Scotland or Darfur. Its a long way to get international recognising and after that we can say NK is an exklave in Aserbaidschan. -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 16:54, 4 Januarie 2010 (UTC)