Sjabloonbespreking:Hoofstede van Brasilië

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I'm having trouble moving the text so it's in the middle, can someone please help? --Bezuidenhout (kontak) 16:18, 28 Maart 2009 (UTC)

What happens here with this Sjabloon? The templates in Canberra and Ottawa are compatible, but not the ones in Brasília. So I had to change it. Can someone fix it like Sjabloon:Hoofstede van Australië and Sjabloon:Hoofstede van Kanada, please? Groete, -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 17:37, 6 Desember 2010 (UTC)

Uitgevoer Uitgevoer - nou sal dit werk. -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 19:20, 31 Julie 2012 (UTC)