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in Wikipedia, die vrye ensiklopedie
Hierdie artikel is deur die gemeenskap geïdentifiseer as een van Wikipedia se spogartikels en het vir die eerste keer tydens week 5 van 2013 op ons voorblad gepryk. Dit beteken egter nie dat die artikel nie verder gewysig kan word nie: voel vry om dit te verbeter of by te werk.

Bad article[wysig bron]

Hi Wikipedians. I was reading this article, but I must say that I did not find it a good balance between what science says and what some critical thinkers are saying. It is way too much portrayed as something where there is still debate about if it is true. It is true, the earth is warming (a conclusion made by excessive assessment reports by the IPCC, and it is - according to the IPCC - virtually certain that it is an antropogene warming. There is only debate about 1) how much the planet will warm and 2) how it will effect us exactly in certain ways (which we will never be able to predict 100% because of causal changes beyond our knowledge. It would be wrong not to mention sceptiscm in the article, but why does it get so much attention? The part about "is the warming caused by the sun" is outdated (just like the whole article), there is plenty of evidence that the sun is not responsible for the current warming because solar activity has not changed significantly. By the way: I wrote this comment in English. I fully understand African Afrikaans, but my African Afrikaans writing is not good enough to have a debate about such a complex topic. My conclusion: the article needs to be updated, because in this form it is unacceptable. Greetings, Greenday2 (kontak) 17:44, 18 Junie 2017 (UTC)[antwoord]

Ondersteun K175 (bespreking | bydraes) 08:08, 19 Februarie 2018 (UTC)[antwoord]
@K175 Would you be able to help? We've recently finished an update on the English version. Maybe a partial translation would help. Femkemilene (kontak) 14:02, 27 November 2021 (UTC)[antwoord]
@Femkemilene: ek is bevrees ek het nie op die oomblik tyd nie. @Suidpunt: ek sien jy het voorheen bygedra - dalk wil jy die artikel bywerk met die nuutste feite? @Burgert Behr: dalk vorm dit deel van 'n toekomstige onderwerpreeks vir jou? – K175 (skil 'n appeltjie) 10:22, 4 Desember 2021 (UTC)[antwoord]

@Aliwal2012: My bold edits were a bit provocative I admit. Obviously it would be best for an Afrikaans speaker to deal with this. It seems the people contacted above are not available - might you have time to check through the article yourself? Chidgk1 (kontak) 07:10, 22 Desember 2021 (UTC)[antwoord]

@K175: how to proceed?
  • Is there a process to review featured articles on afwiki? I know that on nlwiki and enwiki this process often attracts new editors to articles. I don't see an Afrikaans version listed if I look at linked articles in en:WP:FARC.
  • Alternatively, is there somebody who could translate from enwiki (or nlwiki if you allow me to do a bit of an update first)?
With 75 pageviews a day, I'm quite worried about this article quoting Fred Singer, citing the Heartland Institute, and having subsection titles like "Klimaatsverandering is nie sorgwekkend nie". A lot of information is mostly missing (mitigation, Paris agreement, adaptation). Femkemilene (kontak) 17:35, 30 Desember 2021 (UTC)[antwoord]

@Aliwal2012: You suggested I should consult before boldly deleting. So I would like to consult with you or any Afrikaans speaker. Please could you or any interested Afrikaner have a look at the comments I made on the changes which you reverted. As they were not vandalism please could we discuss them here. Chidgk1 (kontak) 13:10, 20 Januarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]

In addition to the comments I made on the changes here are some more details for discussion:

Pictures: removed some which seemed nice pics but irrelevant - feel free to put back with comments as to how each one is relevant - for example maybe the weather station is recording extreme weather due to climate change?

Percent different gases in atmosphere: removed as did not seem important enough for lead - feel free to explain - for example maybe heat conduction/convection by nitrogen and oxygen is important and would be different with a different mix?

Aardverwarmingskeptici se teenaanval: removed as excessive historical detail

Temperatuurrekords van die laaste 1 000 jaar: removed this graph as out of date and not translated - whereas you can easily translate this new one

Temperature reconstruction last two millennia

Shortened the solar section as not very relevant

Chidgk1 (kontak) 09:04, 22 Januarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]

@Oesjaar: Why did you revert my changes please? Chidgk1 (kontak) 13:17, 22 Januarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]

Ek vind dit moeilik om te glo dat 'n persoon wat nie eers Afrikaans kan skryf nie 17k uit 'n artikel haal omdat dit vervelig is... Oesjaar (kontak) 14:42, 22 Januarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]
@Oesjaar, stem jy saam die huidige artikel gee te veel aandag aan klimaatontkenners? Die artikel het selfs 'n aanhaling van Fred Singer gebruik! Fred Singer is die minste betroubare bron. Kan jy help om artikels te verbeter? (I can read Afrikaans, but only write with help from machine translation). Femkemilene (kontak) 09:46, 23 Januarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]
Ek sien die artikel is uit die Nederlandse artikel vertaal. Ek het daardie artikel in 2014 herskryf en dit in 2018 bygewerk. Dalk kan 'n nuwe vertaling gedoen word? Femkemilene (kontak) 09:50, 23 Januarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]
Gee net kans dat ek deur die artikel werk asb... Oesjaar (kontak) 11:06, 24 Januarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]
Natuurlik. Dankie. Intussen sal ek die Nederlandse artikel bywerk. Dit kan as inspirasie dien, of dalk as die bron vir 'n nuwe vertaling. Femkemilene (kontak) 08:11, 25 Januarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]
Ik heb het Nederlandse artikel bijgewerkt, gefactchecked, en overbodige details weggehaald. Het is nu klaar voor vertaling als de gemeenschap dat hier wil. Femkemilene (kontak) 20:41, 4 Februarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]
Het die Nederlandse inleiding versmelt met die Afrikaanse inleiding. Dit is nou opgedateer en meer gefokus as die vorige weergawe. Sobaka (kontak) 17:15, 5 Februarie 2022 (UTC)[antwoord]